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e-Learning is more effective with LMS

e-Learning is more effective with LMS
e-Learning is more effective with LMS

e-Learning is more effective with LMS

KUNETIZEN | Online learning or e-learning has become the right educational solution when social restrictions are being implemented throughout the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In online learning, students take classes only via the internet network.

In this increasingly competitive era, learning has become a mandatory activity to increase skills, knowledge and competence. AI-based LMS is here to help this process run more effectively. Thus, LMS is a system that all organizations must have, especially those involved in the world of education.

Without the need to visit lecture halls or classrooms, students can still choose to study whatever they want. The learning process takes place from each student's home.

e-Learning is increasingly in demand

Long before distance learning became the norm today, a 2018 study by Learning House, Inc., showed 85% of students felt their online class experience was the same or better than offline classes. In fact, as many as 37% of them feel that online classes provide a better experience than being in class.
What makes online classes so popular, here are some of the reasons:

1. More freedom to interact

There are many classes on one platform, both free and paid. Through e-learning students can gather with other students with the same interests. So, there is no inequality in the teaching and learning process.

2. Low costs

The e-learning platform provides various learning packages according to the contents of students' wallets. Apart from that, students are not charged building fees, school facilities, stationery needs, modules and so on. This is because in e-learning, all these needs are arranged in a cloud technology-based platform. In fact, students can take advantage of discounts and even free classes provided by e-learning platform owners.

3. More effectively pursue hobbies or interests

Online classes are not all about high-level academics. In fact, many of them are successful just by focusing on their interests and hobbies. The cost of online courses is cheaper than offline courses, making students feel like they dare to spend more money to take more courses than usual. The results are more by learning something new even though it has nothing to do with formal education or the student's work.

4. Expand your network further 

In online learning, teachers and students come from all walks of life. Participants can continue relationships with fellow students on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. They can support each other's skills, find out about job opportunities, and continue to support each other's careers.

5. Support skills in the world of work

Most people are unable to divide their time when they have to study while working. In fact, workers must continue to deepen their knowledge and skills so they can remain competitive in the world of work. 

The more skills you master, the greater your opportunity to increase your income. Research in the United States reveals that between 50-75% of people there live hand to mouth from various part-time jobs. Through online classes that are more effective and more flexible, students can work while learning.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) defines LMS as an application system for administration, documentation, monitoring, reporting, automation and delivery of educational material. Some of the educational materials included in the LMS are varied, ranging from courses, training programs or learning and development programs. 

LMS itself has been around since the 1990s. Since then, LMS has continued to develop. Various new technologies were added to the system. Currently, the latest LMS is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or also known as artificial intelligence.