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Get to know VSAT SOTM, Satellite Services for Business

Get to know VSAT SOTM, Satellite Services for Business
Get to know VSAT SOTM, Satellite Services for Business

Get to know VSAT SOTM, Satellite Services for Business

KUNETIZEN | Very Small Aperture Satellite (VSAT) connectivity has helped  the business sector, especially those in remote and rural areas . Satellite On The Move (SOTM), a variation of VSAT which has an important role in fulfilling corporate mobility. Let's see how VSAT SOTM helps business development.

SOTM is a satellite communication service, where the antenna and supporting devices can be attached to the desired mode of transportation. This allows real time communication that remains stable even when moving or changing places.

SOTM for Various Industries

SOTM can provide high-speed data communications and internet even while on the move. The Satellite on the Move (SOTM) system is specifically for industries that have high mobility and require stable bandwidth connectivity, including:

  • Military and Security Needs
  • Emergency Response Network, broadcast media.
  • Maritime - commercial shipping, offshore energy, and shipping
  • Land and sea fleet assets, transportation, and logistics management
  • Passenger broadband services on Airplanes, Ships, Trains and Buses
  • Event Music broadband service

A further description of sector-based interests, one of which comes from government divisions such as border patrol, military duties including command and control operations in conflict zones and broadcast media which transmits live video via Satellite News Gathering (SNG) vehicles.

Satellite technology has significant potential in expanding the possibilities of connected vehicles. Such as border patrol units that need reliable coverage to transmit video images back to their base, or emergency response vehicles that need communications anywhere.

How SOTM works

Quoted from Nkom.com SOTM works using a stabilized tracking antenna on vehicles, whether maritime, land or air based. SOTM runs on wide beam (C, Ku, Ka) Band satellite frequencies that provide high bandwidth services to ground station antennas. This VSAT SOTM signal simultaneously sends transmissions to satellites and is able to lock coordinates even when in motion so that communications in the form of data, voice and video remain smooth.

SOTM has wide coverage and high adaptability to different terrain, relatively fast implementation, with compact devices, reliable transmission quality and can be used for mobile communications.

SOTM LinkNet provides solutions for various industrial needs

Services in remote areas require multiple operational scenarios. Satellite on The Move (SOTM) from LinkNet  is ideal and covers a wide geographic area for your business operational vehicles that require fast communication.

With the Auto Tracking or Auto Pointing system, you can experience a reliable connectivity network, without obstacles when accessing your business needs while the vehicle is moving.

The SOTM Link Net device, which is installed on a moving vehicle, has a speed with a throughput of up to 100 Mbps and a power size of up to 20 W with an antenna size of only 50 cm.

With the KA-Band antenna,  the SOTM LinkNet network  can work more stably and on a wider frequency to support data, Voice, Video, Broadband Internet, Wi-Fi, as well as 3G / 4G / LTE cellular backhaul.