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Esports Industry, Pay Attention to Internet Speed

Esports Industry, Pay Attention to Internet Speed
Esports Industry, Pay Attention to Internet Speed

Esports Industry, Pay Attention to Internet Speed

KUNETIZEN | While many sectors have collapsed, the esports industry has actually grown significantly during this pandemic. It is natural that the game-based industry is predicted to have great potential in Indonesia. 

The Newzoo research institute, in its 2020 Global Games Market Reports, revealed that in the midst of the pandemic, the global gaming industry rose 19.6 percent compared to the 2019 period, reaching 174.9 billion US dollars.

Nearly half of global gaming revenue comes from Asia Pacific. The remainder comes from North America and Europe. Game revenue is supported by three main pillars of mobile games such as smartphones and tablets, game consoles and computer games.

The gaming industry is increasingly positive in Indonesia

In Southeast Asia, Indonesia is one of the largest game user countries. Indonesia is side by side with market growth in India and Thailand. Newzoo noted that gaming business revenue in Indonesia in 2019 reached 1.1 billion US dollars. This figure makes Indonesia the largest gaming business market in Southeast Asia.

Data from the Indonesia Esports Premier League (IESPL) recorded that there were 62.1 million people actively playing games domestically throughout 2019. This figure brings Indonesia to 12th place in the gaming market with the largest number of players.

This cannot be separated from the increasing opportunities in the gaming industry. Currently, the generation Z population in Indonesia alone is at 67 million people, plus generation Y which numbers 62 million people. This means that the gaming market in Indonesia will continue to develop along with the increase in the digital generation and the demographic bonus in 2030.

Big opportunity  for the Indonesian Games industry

The opportunities that are increasingly before our eyes mean that game developers and the eSports industry in Indonesia need to make the best use of them.

According to the Indonesian Game Association (AGI), the growth of game developers in Indonesia increased by 10-20 percent amid the pandemic due to the surge in use of digital platforms among the public, especially game fans.

The gaming industry in Indonesia has great potential to develop and compete in the international market. It was recorded that in 2017, application and game developers contributed 1.93 percent to the gross domestic product of Indonesia's creative economy sector or IDR 19.11 trillion.

With this achievement, game developers and the eSports industry must really pay attention to their needs to be able to compete in the world-class gaming industry.

What needs to be paid attention to by the Indonesian gaming industry

Apart from paying attention to gear, professional play requires ingenuity, strategic thinking, practice and fast reflexes. But apart from that, the internet connectivity used also needs to meet standards to be ready to compete in competitions.

ESports teams already spend tens of thousands of dollars on the latest gaming consoles and hardware, but having the right internet package can be a powerful competitive advantage and a smart business decision.

Games can probably survive with a minimum required speed of around 1 Mbps. Professional gamers especially those streaming via Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube Gaming need more power. Usually in each game they need a range of 3-5 Mbps depending on the platform and type of game they are.

Multiplayer Online (MMO) may require something above that range. For eSports players, they need at least 3 Mbps for a high-quality gaming experience.

Internet connection

ESports teams already spend tens of thousands of dollars on top-performing hardware. However, a strong internet connection can be a difference.

Dedicated Internet  is an internet service for professional gamers connected directly to a more stable internet. With Dedicated Internet services, esports developers don't need to worry about bandwidth limitations when the internet is used simultaneously.

The esports industry can take advantage of  Dedicated Internet from Link Net  which is supported by an SLA that guarantees speed and uptime. Both are superior to those offered on the business plan for shared consumers.

Customers also have immediate access to technical support to resolve issues as quickly as possible if problems arise.

Reliability is critical to eSports teams and athletes' careers. Dedicated Internet Link Net  provides guaranteed speed and reliability for professional games with high bandwidth, low ping speed, symmetrical download and upload speeds, all athlete activities will be fulfilled with the best network.